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Tax Time: Stretch Your Efficiency Investment

Tax season is upon us and that April 15 filing deadline is just around the corner. Have you filed yet? If not, it’s time to investigate tax credits that may benefit you, especially if you’ve completed a project with Enhabit. We want you to take advantage of all the benefits available from an investment in… Read more

How Do You Measure Home Value?

For some homeowners, property value says it all. For others, it’s living in a safer and more comfortable home, while still others value broad environmental and social impacts on their local community. Whichever measure you value, Enhabit upgrades bring real benefits to homeowners and communities alike. Home Value and the Energy Performance Score Homeowners understand… Read more

Success Story: Driving home value for the Roushes

“We made a pros and cons list and decided to stay.” Our homes are the single biggest investment most of us will make. Determining whether you renovate your home or move to another house can be a difficult decision. As they approached retirement, Gary and Carol Roush of Springfield asked themselves that same hard question.… Read more

Measure the Value of Efficiency with the Energy Performance Score (EPS)

Purchasing a home is the largest investment most families will ever make and savvy homebuyers use every bit of information available to them. Home inspections reveal safety hazards and Walk Scores show how close a home is to neighborhood amenities like restaurants, parks, schools, and grocery stores. A new tool in the homebuyer’s toolkit is… Read more

The Lindbergs Earn Green by Going Green with Energy Efficiency Upgrades

An energy efficiency remodel adds real dollars to this home’s appraised value.