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Spring Tips for Controlling Your Asthma

Springtime can really take a toll on the 67,000 children and 320,000 adults in Oregon with asthma. The American Lung Association and Enhabit are working in partnership to empower those who suffer from this disease to learn how to go from just coping with symptoms to taking active control of their health. Below are four… Read more

Taking Homeowners to “School” – Man Learns Value of Energy Efficiency

“I knew nothing about energy efficiency, and they took me to school.” After completing a project with Enhabit and partner contractor GreenSavers, Gerry Winfield got more than renovations for an energy efficient home; he got an education in total home performance. West Linn, Oregon homeowner Gerry Winfield has lived with his family in their 1986… Read more

How to Make the Air Inside Your Home Clean and Safe

Source Control The best way to ensure good indoor air quality and a safe and healthy home is to prevent air quality from becoming bad in the first place. This comes down to either blocking the entry of the contaminants and moisture or removing existing noxious materials substances, and properly venting sources of moisture. Some… Read more