Smaller Bills, Bigger Home

“My home actually feels bigger. It’s more livable now.”

kristin-kelly1_600x800-225x300As a parent, Kristin Kelly’s number one priority is her children’s safety and comfort, especially in their own home. When a house is too cold or too hot, living space can be incredibly uncomfortable, sometimes even unbearable. Kristin and her family faced this problem in their home, but with some help from Enhabit and partner contractor Central Air, they now sleep a lot easier at night.

The family’s 1910 Portland bungalow is full of character and charm. However, up until the recent improvements, it had one major drawback: the upstairs level. “The upstairs was unpleasantly hot in the summer and unpleasantly cold in the winter,” says Kristin.

Kristin’s son and daughter both have bedrooms in the upstairs portion of the house. In summer, the children preferred to sleep in the basement to avoid their rooms’ mugginess. Kristin notes ‘the massive wall of heat’ facing anyone approaching that level of the house.

After living in the home for nearly 11 years, Kristin and her husband had enough, and decided to pursue a project with Enhabit to make their home more livable.

Enhabit Contractor, Central Air completed air sealing, attic insulation and ventilation, wall insulation, and exhaust vent repair for both the water heater and the bathroom fan. The entire process was smooth and seamless for the Kelly household, even for Kristin’s husband who was skeptical at first about working with a contractor.  She says, “Hiring a contractor can be scary. People resist it.”

Through this experience, Kristin established a great relationship with her contractor. She was especially impressed with Central Air’s professionalism, noting, “[he] was very attentive, informed, and present when I needed him.”

The work was completed in about a week, after which the contractor left open clear lines of communication – encouraging Kristin to follow up on anything about the house. The Kelly’s feel confident in the work completed by Central Air knowing that the end of the project did not mean the end of the relationship with Central Air or Enhabit.

As Kristin discusses the project six-months later, she says, “The differences are noticeable. What was once a leaky and drafty house now feels like a warm and comfortable home.” She and her family both see and feel the difference. “My home actually feels bigger. It’s more livable now,” says Kristin. The upstairs rooms can be used year-round, with total comfort and ease. Most importantly, the kids no longer have to shiver in the winter or sweat in the summer when they are in their bedrooms.

kelly-therms-per-day_600x800Aside from the physical features, the reduced gas bills have also put a smile on Kristin’s face. The Average Therms Per Day from her NW Natural bill has gone from 4.4 in January 2014 to 2.5 in January 2015. Kristin is amazed that she can actually see the difference on her utility bill.

“We’re making a smaller footprint. It’s just a win,” she excitedly claims.

Offering advice for prospective applicants, Kristin says it’s completely worth it, a user-friendly process, and Enhabit lives up to the promise of a convenient, one-stop shop.

Kristin and the rest of the Kelly family love the improvements to their blue-door bungalow. “We couldn’t be happier. A great experience, start to finish.”