Portland Family Cuts Energy Use in Half


Kristin Russo and her husband Thomas felt lucky to be able to buy their house in North Portland. They got a great deal on a nice house in a great neighborhood. Plus, it was large enough to accommodate the start of a family. But with any old house, it had its share of problems. The temperature was either very hot or very cold depending on the time of year. They could hear the neighbors having conversations through the walls. The house was wasting a lot of energy.


A call to Enhabit and the work of Alpha Energy Savers.


Add insulation to the walls, crawlspaces, furnace room, attic and seal the exterior doors.


  1. A 50% reduction in energy use.
  2. Consistent temperature throughout the year.
  3. Peace and quiet.
  4. The perfect house for their growing family.

In Kristin’s own words:

“I felt the process was so wonderful. I didn’t feel bullied. They were just so great about helping me.”

“It was amazing how we were able to notice a change in our house immediately. We were able to keep the temperature down way more and it is so much more consistent.”

“I’ve been talking about it ever since. It’s such a great program because there’s no pressure to buy anything. I think that’s so rare.”

“It’s just so nice to know where you’re at. You know these houses are older, but you don’t know what’s wrong with them. It’s nice to get this itemized list of priorities and then to be able to say I can’t afford this or that. They went through and prioritized it for me, which is great because we’re on a budget.”