Enhabit Takes 1950s Bungalow From Good to Great


As Julien Jaborska was happy to find out, you don’t need a dilapidated old home with disconnected duct work or a 100-year old furnace to take advantage of an Enhabit home energy upgrade.

Julien could tell he probably needed new windows, so he figured he would give Enhabit a try. After the initial 100 Point Performance Check, Julien learned his 1950s bungalow in the Gilbert neighborhood of Portland was in pretty good shape.

“I was surprised about how sealed up it was, honestly,” Julien said, “because I could feel the drafts from the big gaps.”

Those gaps included the windows on the main floor and in the basement. In addition, the door to the garage didn’t seal properly, letting cold air seep into the house.

“I already knew that down the line there were things I wanted to do,” he said. “The old windows that were here were pretty terrible. I just wanted to make it nicer and more comfortable.”

While he was at it, Julien replaced a kitchen range fan that wasn’t ducted and added some better insulation in the attic.

“I am hoping that makes the summer a little more bearable,” he said.

Julien said he was impressed with the process and with his Enhabit contractor.

“I thought it was great. Once the construction started it was fast, it moved quickly. I was pleased with that.

After living in the house for four months after the work was completed, Julien said the difference is definitely noticeable.

“The windows are quieter for sure and I don’t hear the furnace coming on as much,” he said, “I feel like I am not losing as much heat overall. That definitely made a big difference.”