Five Degrees Warmer and Electric Bill Cut 52%

Hi Enhabit and Neil Kelly,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you both know how pleased we are with the home insulation work that we had done this summer. We have kept the house warm, and not just two rooms, but the entire house, and at least 5 degrees warmer than we have ever experienced during the winter.

Drafts are minimal (most likely just coming through the floorboards) and there’s no condensation in the upstairs bedrooms!

In the past, we kept the master bedroom door closed, because there was only the one working Cadet heater upstairs. Now that little heater keeps the entirety of upstairs comfortable, and really doesn’t run that much.

Check out the attached picture of our heating bill, and the change since last year. Oh, and summer was so much nicer, too!

I was skeptical, but took the leap to spend money on something that we don’t see – I’m so glad that we did, this was an awesome investment! Just being comfortable in your home is a great benefit, but to be saving all this money, too? Icing on the cake!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2017.

-Shelly and Jeremy Signs