Berenice Lopez-Dorsey, Home Energy Life Performance Group


“We have always envisioned a sustainable partnership with Enhabit in the home performance industry, one in which we serve our community through energy improvements while creating long-term, well-paying jobs.”

Home Energy Life Performance Group (H.E.L.P) was one of the first contractors to participate as an Enhabit contractor. H.E.L.P. owners Berenice Lopez-Dorsey and Clyde Manchester believe Enhabit’s strong reputation and low interest loan program has helped their business expand. Since 2009, H.E.L.P. boasts double-digit growth every year, which has allowed them to create 20 new jobs to date. A key part of H.E.L.P.’s success is offering ongoing skills training that has helped employees obtain certifications useful for job promotions. Currently licensed in Oregon and Washington, the company’s growth strategy includes expanding to serve coastal areas and the Willamette Valley. H.E.L.P. believes in “strength in numbers” and works to advance the construction industry through strategic alliances with groups such as the Home Performance Guild of Oregon.