Save up to $6,000 by purchasing solar this year.

Incentives for solar systems are generous and can lead to some very attractive paybacks for homeowners. Solar systems are eligible for utility incentives, a 30% federal tax credit and an Oregon tax credit up to $6,000.* The Oregon credit is set to end this year. 

Utility Incentives

Customers of Pacific Power and PGE may be eligible for rebates administered by the Energy Trust. Rebate amounts are based on the size of the system installed. Enhabit solar contractors will provide details about all available incentives when you move forward with a solar project.

30% Federal Tax Credit

If you buy a residential solar system by December 31, 2019 you may be are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit.* If you don’t have enough tax liability to claim the entire credit in 2017, you can carry the credit into future years for as long as the tax credit is in effect. You must own the system to get the tax credit, and you can pay cash or finance the installation (Enhabit offers attractive financing). Leased systems are not eligible. Learn more from

Oregon Renewable Energy Tax Credit

The Renewable Energy Tax Credit (RETC) up to $6,000 is available for systems in Oregon. But this credit is set to end this year. Unless the state legislature takes action to renew the credit, it will not be available for systems purchased after Dec. 31, 2017. Beat the end-of-the-year rush by scheduling a solar phone consultation with an Enhabit Home Advisor


The RETC program is scheduled to sunset on December 31, 2017. RETC devices must be purchased by December 31, 2017, operational by April 1, 2018, and applications must be received by ODOE no later than June 1, 2018.

*Enhabit does not offer tax advice and it’s important that you work with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility.

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