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It's nice to have a system now that gives me a benchmark for measuring it against other homes. I'm very pleased with my score. I hope to continue improving the energy efficiency of my home so I can get my score up even more.

Lourdes Gonzalez
How Seismic Upgrades Work

Seismic retrofits vary in complexity and cost. Evaluation by a seismic professional will help you determine your level of risk, and what upgrades will provide the most effective protection.


  1. Foundation anchors: Connect the wall to the foundation; keep house in place. Vertical bolts are used where space allows. Foundation brackets with horizontal bolts are used where space does not permit vertical bolts
  2. Framing anchors: Attach rim joist to mud sills and floor joist to mud sills
  3. Water heater strapping: Prevents heater falling and causing water damage; can be emergency drinking water source
  4. Gas emergency shutoff valve: Reduces risk of fires
  5. Shear wall: New plywood added to basement wood frame “cripple” wall protects against side-to-side movement
  6. Improved masonry: Footers and basement walls made of concrete, brick or stone may need evaluation and reinforcement or replacement
  7. Post and beam reinforcement: Brackets add resistance to side-to-side motion
  8. Porch strengthening Adds new posts and beams inside historic box beams and hollow columns
  9. Chimney banding and bracing or removal: Reduces risk of chimney collapse, injury to occupants and damage to structure
Why Work with Enhabit?

Homeowners are expert at many things. But when it comes to some home earthquake strengthening, it’s really overwhelming to know exactly what needs to be done. “Do I need a retrofit? Who should I hire? And, how will I pay for it?”

That's why Enhabit exists. Our step-by-step process guides you through all the decisions and resources you need to take you from overwhelmed to “I got this.”

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