Enhabit Helps Accelerate Equitable, Affordable ADUs With Asset Transfer to Verde

Enhabit and Verde share the goal of advancing ADU’s as one strategy to address the region’s affordable housing crisis. To help accelerate development of affordable ADU programs envisioned by citywide community-based collaborators, Enhabit is providing its resources, designs, and engagement tools to Verde, a leader in catalyzing equity-first community building strategies.

Effective November 20, 2018, the transfer of Enhabit assets will advance the work of community-based collaborators Hacienda CDC, PCRI, ROSE CDC and Verde to refine and implement an innovative and replicable affordable ADU program. Verde and Hacienda lead the Meyer Memorial Trust supported community-based affordable ADU collaborative, focused on creating benefits for modest income host families, low-income rental housing occupants and minority and women owned businesses in displacement-impacted neighborhoods region-wide.

Enhabit is a mission-driven non-profit that convenes, commissions, and invests in partners and programs that create social impact through better living spaces. These efforts, in turn, create strong, thriving, and equitable communities.

Get program updates and learn more about Verde’s community building work here.