Bullitt Foundation Awards Grant to Non-Profit Enhabit

Enhabit to accelerate work on carbon reduction incentive fund (CRIF) and spur climate action in Washington communities.

(Seattle, Wash.) – The Bullitt Foundation has awarded a one-year grant for Pacific Northwest non-profit Enhabit to accelerate the move away from oil-heated homes and toward adoption of cleaner sources of home heating. This grant funds a feasibility study and community partner outreach for an innovative financing model that will facilitate the conversions.

The cornerstone of this work will begin with Puget Sound community coalition building – working with a diverse set of city and county stakeholders to identify new strategies to help meet local climate action goals. The goal is to identify funding and policy solutions to help homeowners take direct action to reduce residential carbon emissions.

“We are honored by this unique opportunity to innovate, alongside The Bullitt Foundation’s visionary leadership, to accelerate local climate action throughout the region,” said Enhabit CEO Tim Miller. “Strong partnerships play a critical role in our ability to deliver significant benefits to communities throughout Oregon and Washington, and we’re looking forward to extending those efforts.”

Miller also notes the timeliness of this work, pointing to countries around the world that are about to sign the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement. Enhabit’s work with the Bullitt Foundation is one example of how global carbon reduction commitments can translate into local community action.

Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works) has worked throughout the Northwest to deliver thousands of home upgrades, including work with the City of Seattle to improve efficiency in hundreds of homes through the Community Power Works program.

“Sixty percent of Washington’s oil heated homes are located in the Puget Sound region. By beginning our efforts here, we can deliver benefits directly to homeowners interested in moving away from the most carbon-emitting fuels, and build a long-term model to help more Washington communities,” says Enhabit Regional Manager Cassandra Delaune. Enhabit seeks to build upon findings from the $40,000 grant to establish future program implementation funding with participating communities.

About The Bullitt Foundation
The Bullitt Foundation believes that positive environmental impact begins with innovation and partnership. With grant making focused on the Pacific Northwest Emerald Corridor – specifically, the region stretching from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia (bordered by the Cascades on the east) – the Foundation funds projects in five main program areas: Regional Ecosystem Health, Energy, Climate and Materials, Deep Green Buildings, Resilient Cities, Healthy Communities and Thought Leadership and Innovation. For more information, visit bullitt.org.