Does My Portland Home Need a Home Energy Score?

As of January 2018, Portland, Oregon homeowners who want to sell their home are required to get a Home Energy Score before listing. Having worked with hundreds of homeowners for the past three months on their scores, we continually hear questions about which types of homes need to receive a Home Energy score.

According to the City of Portland, there are two criteria that indicate you’ll need a score.

1. Location.

Portland city boundary map.

While most of Portland is in Multnomah County, portions of the city extend into Washington and Clackamas Counties. This new ordinance impacts homes listed within Portland city limits regardless of what county it’s located in.

If your home is located within the boundary of Portland, you’ll need a score. While this may be an easy question for most homeowners to confirm, it can be tricky for those Portland residents whose homes are technically within the Portland city limits, but may cross over into Washington and Clackamas Counties.

The fast answer is that ALL qualified homeowners with a Portland address, regardless of whether it happens to be located within Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas Counties, are required to have Home Energy Scores before listing the home for sale.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find out if your home is within the Portland city limits by searching for your address on In the results, look for the “jurisdiction” that the home is listed in. If it says “Portland,” you need a score.

Portland Home Energy Score required in Portland jurisdiction

This is a search result for Enhabit’s address on The results on the right side indicate that our address is located in the jurisdiction of Portland. If we were a homeowner, we’d need a Home Energy Score.

A parcel in unincorporated Washington County not requiring a Home Energy Score.

Search results for this example home indicate that it is in an unincorporated jurisdiction of Washington County. Because it is not located within the Portland Jurisdiction, it is NOT required to have a Home Energy Score.

Bottom line: when in doubt, check with to confirm your home is located in the Portland jurisdiction.

2. Type of Home

The other important factor that indicates your home needs a Home Energy Score is the type of dwelling it is. If your home is a single family detached property on its own lot, or it is a row house, duplex, a townhouse, regardless of whether or not the unit is on its own lot, you need a score. Some condominiums require scores. City of Portland has additional criteria for which type of condos need Home Energy Scores, which provide more granularity on these dwellings.

Housing types that are NOT required to have a Home Energy Score include manufactured homes, mobile homes, two-story fourplexes or apartment buildings, floating homes, detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), or single-dwelling units primarily used for commercial purposes.

One final note is that Portland also has exemptions for other situations where a Home Energy Score is not required.

Getting a Home Energy Score

Offering same-day score delivery, evening and Saturday appointments and an easy scheduling system, Enhabit has emerged as one of the top Home Energy Score providers in Portland in the first few months of scores being required. If you need a score, reach out to Enhabit to schedule your appointment, and join more than 14,000 other homeowners who have engaged Enhabit for their home energy assessment.