The Best Way to Find an HVAC Contractor in Portland


Looking for a heating or HVAC contractor? Whether you need furnace replacement, or just a tuneup to make your system work better you can turn to Enhabit for advice and contractor matching. Enhabit is a non-profit organization that works only with select contractors in Portland other parts of Oregon.

Furnace Replacement and Repair

It costs about $4,000 to replace a furnace. Cost is no small concern for many families, so Enhabit partners with local lenders to provide several of no-money-down financing options. We also make sure you get all eligible rebates.

Contractor Qualifications

Enhabit only works with highly-qualified contractors that meet our rigorous approval process and with third party qualifications such as Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, Building Performance Institute certification, and Energy Trust trade partner qualified.

Get Matched with a Contractor

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