Quick, Online Home Energy Score Ordering for Your Clients

Your clients need fast, compliant home energy scores to meet new City of Portland listing requirements. With more than 14,000 assessments completed to date, our expert staff and investment in efficient score scheduling and delivery make the process seamless for realtors and homeowners. Get 25% off when you schedule by December 31, 2017.

What is a Home Energy Score?

  • Generated by a certified home assessor (like Enhabit)
  • Includes clear, useful information on a home’s energy profile and estimated energy costs
  • Based on physical characteristics of a home—not a homeowner’s energy use
  • Ranks home on a 1–10 scale (5 represents the average Portland home, 10 represents the most energy-efficient home)
  • Recommends cost-effective improvements (for homes scoring 5 or less)

City of Portland Requirements

  • A score is required for most single-family homes and townhomes listed publicly for sale.
  • Choose an authorized, licensed home energy assessor
  • Obtain score prior to listing
  • Prior to listing: Upload report to RMLS and other services where you advertise the home
  • Show report to prospective buyers who visit the home

Benefits for Buyers

  • No surprises—they know what they’re purchasing
  • Helps predict future utility and energy expenses
  • Takes the guesswork out of future repairs
  • Supplements the home inspection with an assessment of energy performance

Benefits for Sellers

  • Listing home energy costs helps yield a higher sale price and a quicker sale
  • Quantifies efficiency and performance with a measurable score
  • Gives sellers (and future buyers) cost-effective ways to improve the home

How to Interpret a Score


The City of Portland Home Energy Score uses a 1–10 scale. The average Portland home will score a 5 and the most efficient home will score a 10. Older and larger homes with few energy saving improvements can be expected to score below average. However, older homes that have had energy efficient upgrades can score higher, even up to a 10.

A home’s score can change when energy saving improvements are made to the home. The score shows buyers and sellers where there are opportunities to make energy-reducing improvements, such as:

  • Efficient heating, cooling, ventilation
  • Duct sealing
  • Insulation
  • Tighter construction (envelope)
  • Efficient water heating
  • Solar electric

Higher Price, Faster Sale

Studies show that transparency can mean a higher sale price and a quicker sale. Earth Advantage found that when sellers listed their home energy costs—even if costs were high—their homes sold at 3–5 percent more and spent 18 fewer days on the market compared with homes that did not disclose.

Get 25% off when you schedule by December 31, 2017.

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