Save Money with the Flood Insurance Savings Program

Do you know how much you’re spending on flood insurance?  You may qualify for a new offer from the City of Portland. Details below.

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For a paper application, or for help with your application, call (971) 544-8729


Apply for a special savings offer from the City of Portland.

You may be spending hundreds of dollars more per year on flood insurance than you need to. The Portland Housing Bureau, in partnership with Enhabit, is helping homeowners in Lents and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods (located in Johnson Creek’s 100-year floodplain) reduce flood insurance costs.

How it Works

  • You must apply to find out If your home qualifies. You must own your home, and your household income, your insurance, the home’s exact location and other factors will determine eligibility. Qualified households will get a free assessment and Elevation Certificate (worth $1,200) to help save money on flood insurance. An Elevation Certificate details information about your home’s risk for flooding. The Elevation Certificate is then used to determine accurate flood risks, and can result in lower flood insurance rates. To see if your property already has an elevation certificate, check your address on this map.
  • When you participate, you also get a no-cost home assessment to identify improvements to reduce flooding impacts, and other repairs to improve the general health and safety of your home.
  • Together, these services, offered at no cost by the City of Portland, are valued at $1,500, and could save you hundreds of dollars in flood insurance costs over the next few years.

How to Get Started

Apply online. Have your flood insurance policy and last year’s tax return handy. It takes just a few minutes. Be sure to answer all questions completely, or contact Enhabit for assistance.

Enhabit provides recommendations. Enhabit will respond to you via email with next steps. Depending on your application details, you may be invited to schedule a home assessment for a no-cost Elevation Certificate, or take advantage of other free or paid services. Enhabit will be available by phone to answer any questions.

You may decide to take action. If you choose to act, you’ll schedule an assessment date with Enhabit. Enhabit will answer your questions and help you move forward. Once you have your Elevation Certificate, we’ll help make sure you get it to your insurance provider to start saving.