Enhabit joins forces with Community Energy Project to advance Home Energy Score and residential improvement services

We’ve made an incredible impact together. During the last eight years Enhabit, with our community, our partners and homeowners, have helped improve the efficiency, comfort, health and safety of over 6,000 Oregon homes. Now Enhabit is focused on a major new problem: our regional housing crisis.

Effective July 16, 2018, Enhabit has joined forces with Community Energy Project (CEP), a well respected non-profit serving Portland since 1979. CEP is now  providing Enhabit’s Home Energy Scoring and homeowner advisory and improvement services, allowing Enhabit to focus on ADUs. This work fits well with CEP’s capabilities, and the organization is committed to delivering the same high level of service customers expect from Enhabit. Several Enhabit staff are transferring to CEP to continue serving homeowners and real estate professionals.

Enhabit is focusing on developing new ADU programs to expand affordable housing. ADUs can house people with low incomes while increasing density, preserving neighborhoods and providing rental income to homeowners. Enhabit will build on learnings from our work on a Multnomah County pilot program to develop new solutions. Learn more about Enhabit’s ADU work here.