Teach Your Kids About Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Father and son (6-7) using laptop at kitchen counterWith one-month left of summer, kids are bouncing off the walls with energy before school starts up again. Make use of that energy with some educational activities!

Here are some ways to get your kids learning about important topics that will affect their lives today and in the future.


Kids love games. So, what better way to teach them about saving energy than with some fun games?!

Some simple ways to save energy with your kids at home during summer:

  • Go screen-free! Encourage your kids to take some time off from the electronics to explore alternative ways to play and save energy.
  • Get outside. When kids take nature walks or make art out-of-doors, they learn about their environment and contribute to lower-carbon play.
  • Fun with the whole family. Try some activities together! Metro Parent offers a kids calendar for families to take advantage of planned activities and events throughout the Portland area. You can also check out NW Kids for more activities and ideas.


Solar panels are popping up more and more frequently around Oregon and Washington. If your kids don’t know already, they may be wondering what those panels do. Start talking with your kids about renewable energy by going over the basics of solar energy. Also consider showing some YouTube videos, taking them to see panels in person, or invest in some solar-powered toys to really watch the process in action!