Video: How to Populate Portland Home Energy Scores on the RMLS

Realtors: RMLS has developed the ability for subscribers to auto populate home energy score information directly to listings, using RMLSWeb. The auto population process will make it simpler for real estate professionals to include home energy score information on a listing.

In this video, Earth Advantage walks you step by step through the process.

After logging into the system, you’ll start by going to the Back Office menu items, and click Listing Load to begin a listing.

On the next page, you’ll go to the normal place and click New Listing in the lower right corner.

Next, choose the property category, enter the area number as you normally do, and chose the County as appropriate.

Then you’re going to enter the tax ID for that property and hit continue.

Now double check that the address displays correctly and that it matches the property that we’re listing.

Because the City of Portland is listed under the city input, the Green Energy Supplement form will automatically appear on the left. Once we click on in you’ll see that the box to include it will be pre-checked.

Next, we’ll click the button at the top that says “Load from the Green Building Registry.” It will give you a warning message, telling you that you will be overriding any previously entered score information. Click “OK” to continue and then it will load the HES score as well as generate the URL.

Home Energy Score is now listed under Type 1. Notice there is a Type 2 where you can an additional certification or energy label if the home has earned one.

Now you would continue as normal, to enter the rest of the property information in order to finish the listing and publish it.

Once the listing’s been published, we can click on the link and open it, and see that the Home Energy Score field has a “yes.”

If we scroll down to the bottom, and view the Green Energy Supplements section, we see the Home Energy Score, the date it was issued, and below that, the URL link to the Home Energy Score Report.

You can click on that link, and it will load the report in a separate tab in your browser, where you can download it or print the report.

Earth Advantage offers additional online training for real estate professionals including a class on the City of Portland Home Energy Score Program. Please visit for a complete list of training opportunities.