Does Your House Need a Seismic Retrofit?

Armed with the right knowledge, you can safeguard your home and family. Seismic building codes were enacted in 1974 in Oregon. If your home is older, it’s unlikely built to withstand earthquakes. But the home’s age isn’t the only factor. 

House damaged from earthquake

Other factors influencing seismic readiness of your home may include:

  • Configuration: Rooms built over garages or porches are vulnerable to collapse.
  • Slope: Steeper slopes present challenges that may require custom engineering.
  • Wall materials: Homes made of masonry may be more difficult to reinforce than those framed in wood.
  • Number of floors: Houses over three stories present additional challenges.
  • Foundation: Cracked or crumbling concrete, or foundations made of brick or concrete blocks may increase risk of damage.

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