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We love to talk about how to make your home work harder and feel better. Do you have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Need more info? Use the form below to let us know what you need. We are here to help!


Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works) is the next step for homeowners who want their homes to work and feel better. As the region’s largest home renewal provider, we offer a unique home upgrade experience to deliver immediate benefits and lasting value.

We guide you step-by-step through your project with services including energy efficiency upgrades, seismic strengthening, indoor air quality improvements and solar energy installations. The comprehensive approach includes an initial in-home assessment, matching with certified local contractors, secure financing and third-party quality oversight. Enhabit is a nationally recognized non-profit that successfully multiplies energy savings, good jobs and other environmental benefits in support of resilient communities.

Enhabit began as Clean Energy Works in 2009. We have worked to accelerate total home performance, with powerful and equitable economic and environmental outcomes. Before opening our doors in 2009, there were only 200 home performance upgrades across Oregon each year.

Today, with our network of valued partners, we’ve upgraded more than 4,500 homes, delivered more than $90 million into the local economy, and created nearly 400 direct new hires, all while helping homeowners improve the efficiency, comfort, health, safety and value of their homes. We started as a small City of Portland pilot project with one big idea: transform homes, lives and communities by creating a new approach to high–performance home renewal – built upon the notion that we can save energy, reduce carbon emissions and help homes work and feel better, all while creating high-quality jobs for people who really need them.

Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works) began as a job-creation initiative as part of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (AARA) stimulus funding. Since this federal investment, the organization has grown into the Northwest’s largest non-profit home performance provider, serving more than 80% of the population of Oregon and, under contract, delivers the Community Power Works program in Greater Seattle.

In the March 2014, The Oregon Legislature followed through on its commitment to jobs and innovation with strong, bipartisan support and $10 million in funding to support our organization while we scale our business throughout the region.

As a non-profit organization, we earn revenue from multiple sources, including contractors, utilities, lenders, foundations: our business model is based on receiving a small fee from each home upgrade project.

Fees are set relative to the value we provide, ranging from connecting homeowners to quality contractors, arranging financing, providing customer service and ensuring quality.

NO money from the State of Oregon is invested directly into service delivery we provide in Washington.  Washington service delivery is dependent upon the other revenue streams noted above.

Yes, though not at the front of our process. The goal of Enhabit is to ensure your home upgrade is as easy and time efficient as possible.

The 100 Point Performance Check can make multiple bids highly time-consuming for you, and for contractors. We have thoroughly screened each of the contractors that participate with Enhabit and actively monitor their activities in the program. In addition, because we understand that customers may have a variety of expectations regarding the costs of home performance upgrades, your access to a Home Performance Advisor who reviews your bid and helps explain typical costs helps you select the project that meets your goals.

If you feel that your bid is unreasonably priced or that the scope of the bid does not match your stated priorities, please bring it to the attention of your Home Performance Advisor. With that information, we can work towards a resolution with your contractor or, if you feel that another bid is needed, we will restart the process with another contractor that we feel can better meet your needs.

Once your application is complete, you will be paired with a contractor. If a contractor referred you directly to us, and you entered the “Rebate Code” they provided to you, then you will be paired with that contractor.

If a contractor did not refer you and/or during the application you did not enter a “Rebate Code” from a contractor, then we will pair you with one of our certified contractor partners.

Of course, you are welcome to select another contractor from our list of participating contractors if you like, but you must do so before your 100 Point Performance Check is scheduled. To select another contractor please contact our helpline toll free at 1-855-870-0049.

Your best interests are a Home Performance Advisor’s first priority. A Home Performance Advisor is an independent and objective technical resource you can access by phone or email at any point during your Enhabit project.

Home Performance Advisors are trained for the whole home, carrying degrees and credentials in home energy efficiency and building science, Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS), Radon Measurement and Mitigation, Healthy Homes and Renewable Energy Engineering. Extensive training, expertise and hands-on experience give you peace of mind that your whole home is in capable hands.

All contractors that participate in Enhabit are not only Energy Trust of Oregon trade allies but are also certified by the Building Performance Institute – an independent, not-for-profit organization and the nation’s leading developer of technical standards for home performance and weatherization retrofit work. Our contractor partners have also met stringent labor standards to ensure you are working with contractors of the highest integrity. All Enhabit Contractors must:

  • Employ key staff that are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI).
  • Commit to pay a family-supporting wage.
  • Pledge to employ highly qualified minority and historically under-represented tradespeople.
  • Agree to provide reasonable Employee Health Care.

Absolutely. The Home Performance Advisors work for Enhabit – not the contractor – so they are completely independent and objective.

As soon as your 100 Point Performance Check is scheduled, you’ll receive an email with the name of your contractor and their contact information.

A Home Performance Advisor is available to you throughout the entire process. In the field and at the office, they monitor your project, triple check the numbers and generally watch your back.

You can count on a Home Performance Advisor to:

  • Evaluate the data from your 100 Point Performance Check
  • Review your work proposal to ensure accuracy and fairness
  • Verify your Rebate amounts

Once your contractor has installed your upgrades, a Home Performance Advisor reviews your project to ensure everything performs as promised. If anything needs fixing, they work with your contractor to get it right. You can also connect with a Home Performance Advisor at any point during your home upgrade to ask questions about work scope, costs and savings, rebates, financing or any technical questions about your home’s performance. Home Performance Advisors are available by phone or email throughout your project at: [email protected], and Toll Free 1-855-870-0049

Once you have the 100 Point Performance Check performed by your contractor we prefer that you do not change contractors. If you encounter any problems with your contractor, or have any questions, please call us and speak with your Home Performance Advisor.  Enhabit Home Performance Advisors are there for customers, so they can help answer any questions related to a work proposal or any other component of the work.

We routinely conduct customer service surveys to evaluate homeowner satisfaction with each of our contractor partners. If there’s a pattern of dissatisfaction with one of our contractor partners we will take steps to remedy that situation – including suspension or removal from Enhabit. You can submit a complaint through our online portal, by calling our contact center or simply discuss the issue with your Home Performance Advisor.

If you encounter any problems with your contractor, or have any questions, please call us and speak with your Home Performance Advisor.

Enhabit Home Performance Advisors are here for customers, so they can help answer any questions related to a work proposal or any other component of the work.

We routinely conduct customer service surveys to evaluate homeowner satisfaction with each of our certified Enhabit contractors. If there’s a pattern of dissatisfaction with any of our contractors we will take steps to remedy that situation – including suspension or removal from Enhabit. You can submit a complaint through our online portal, by calling our contact center or simply discuss the issue with your Home Performance Advisor.

You can find a list of participating contractors here.

Your work actually begins before the 100 Point Performance Check, by spending 5 minutes on the online eValuation. This is your first indication of where your home is wasting energy and money. A service unique to Enhabit is the 100-Point Performance Check.

An in-home visit from a local, certified Enhabit contractor evaluates a home’s energy use (including the effectiveness of air sealing and insulation, and the performance of heating and cooling systems), earthquake readiness, and whether a home is a good candidate for solar energy – all designed to help determine if a home is performing well, or not. The one-stop service emphasizes flexible financing with competitive loan products, including on-bill financing that allows project loans to be repaid on natural gas or electric bills.

A 100 Point Performance Check is required to participate with Enhabit. The 100 Point Performance Check reduces the guesswork and ensures that you and your Contractor are aligned in expectations for the project work. Your contractor will pinpoint areas to reduce your home’s energy waste and improve your family’s comfort, health and safety.

Your Contractor will walk you through step-by-step what they found in your home, and discuss options for upgrades that meet your goals – and your budget. It’s also the basis for your contractor and our lending partners to present an integrated cost estimate, available rebates and financing package, complete with monthly payment and expected project outcomes.

It sounds like you had a Home Energy Review, which is a good start but not as detailed as the 100 Point Performance Check. The 100 Point Performance Check is the basis for your contractor and our lending partners to prepare your customized proposal that includes a cost estimate, available savings and financing options.

A few homeowners have gone through the process in as little as one month. But on average, it takes 4-5 months from the time an application is received to complete the process. Part of this depends on you, the homeowner. Some homeowners need more time than others to review their bid and financing package before they are comfortable signing them. If you move more quickly than others, your project is likely to be completed in considerably less time.

Financing is not a requirement to work with Enhabit. We offer a variety of flexible payment options: competitive loan products from diversified lenders, including on-bill repayment, unsecured options and interest only payment periods. You can also pay for your project in cash. Specific questions about project payments can be directed to your contractor. Learn more about financing.  

Enhabit project costs depends on your home’s unique situation. That’s why the first step is to test your home’s performance so we can pinpoint opportunities for upgrades. On average, homeowners pay between $12K – $15K on an Enhabit project. Enhabit is a unique “one-stop shop” for home upgrades.

We provide access to skilled contractors. We provide quality control and oversight, we bring lenders to the table to help finance each home upgrade and in some cases, we can provide on-bill financing that allows you to pay back your loan on a utility bill. It is possible to complete work on your home without Enhabit, but our unique model makes it easy to have access to everything you need to complete the job in one place.

The success of our program is due in large part to the reliable quality control and convenience we deliver for our customers. In addition, when you work with Enhabit, you are working with Contractors who have the highest levels of certification and have committed to upholding High Road Agreement employment and contracting standards.

Through Enhabit, you are supporting local businesses that provide living wages and health care to employees and hire from a diverse pool of skilled workers.

We want to ensure that your home upgrade project fits your pocketbook. To make it easier and more affordable, we assemble all available cash incentives into one convenient rebate package to offset the cost of your project. First, we deliver all the same available utility and Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives.

Next, the Enhabit Bump delivers additional benefits with further offsets to the total project cost – for upgrades not typically covered by utility incentives. The 100 Point Performance Check ($250 value) and project Quality Review ($250) add in even more value and peace-of-mind.

Additional home performance services available through Enhabit include seismic upgrades, solar installations and indoor air quality checks and improvements, such as radon mitigation. 

Your contractor will present these to you after completing your 100 Point Performance Check.

The work proposal is usually presented within a month after completing your initial Enhabit application, depending on your particular circumstances and your interest in moving forward with a project.

Your savings depend on your home and energy use. We expect approximately 10% of participants to see their annual energy savings offset the annual loan payments in the first year, while the other 90% will pay more, averaging an extra $35 per month (assuming constant energy use and prices). However, even a modest 5% annual increase in energy prices coupled with responsible energy use choices may mean all participants could see annual savings (net of energy expenses) during their loan periods.

Enhabit does not offer tax advice. Energy Trust Tax Credit Information provides helpful tips. The Oregon Department of Energy website and and U.S. Department of Energy website provide information on tax incentives for energy efficiency home improvements. It’s best to consult your tax accountant to determine whether your participation in Enhabit qualifies for any of these incentives. You may also contact the Oregon Department of Energy at 503-378-4040 or toll free at 800-221-8035.