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Enhabit is a Northwest non-profit creating social impact through better living spaces.

Enhabit Home Advisors work directly with homeowners to create efficient, healthy and safe home environments. From small upgrades to complete home retrofits, Enhabit is a trusted resource for financing, contractor matching, utility incentives and project quality assurance.

Enhabit began as Clean Energy Works in 2009. We have worked to accelerate home renewal and build resilient communities, with powerful and equitable economic and environmental outcomes. Before opening our doors in 2009, there were only 200 home performance upgrades across Oregon each year.

Enhabit is nationally recognized for our expertise and capabilities in the residential market to improve living spaces. By working with a broad network of homeowners, utilities, contractors, government agencies, we’ve developed an unprecedented depth of expertise in how to deploy services, programs and products to improve the energy, health, safety and resilience of communities.

At the heart of our history of achievement is our ability to solve problems by identifying real barriers to action for our customers. Often this means innovating a solution that’s never existed before, or adapting our existing programs and services to suit the unique needs of a customer. In every instance, we bring together ideas and interests, design innovative solutions, deploy them, and measure for continued progress.

As a non-profit organization, we earn revenue from multiple sources, including contractors, utilities, lenders, and foundations. Fee-based services included a home energy report and score from one of our authorized, licensed home energy assessors. And, upon a customer request, we will perform in-home energy and healthy home assessments.

Enhabit offers home energy scoring services. You can also find a complete list of authorized authorized City of Portland Home Energy Score program assessors here. You or your client can schedule the home energy assessment: an assessor will complete a home walk-through, collecting about 50 different data points, input them into a US DOE standardized software tool and calculate the home’s energy score.

The tool assumes average behavior of home occupants and average weather for the climate zone where the home is located.

The energy estimate results in a score based on a 1 to 10 scale.

‘1’ = a home that uses a lot of energy

‘10’ = a home that uses very little energy

Project costs vary. Upgrades range from minor fixes to whole-home retrofits. Comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits average about $15,000.

The convenience of repaying an Enhabit home upgrade project loan through your heating utility bill is available to customers of PGE, NW Natural and Pacific Power. These loans are available through Enhabit partner lender, Craft3. Up to 25% of your project cost may be used for necessary preparatory measures related to energy efficiency and also includes Solar or Seismic upgrades. Radon mitigation is not subject to the 25% cap when installed with energy efficiency measures.

About half of Enhabit customers finance their projects through Enhabit partner lenders. The remainder pay cash or make financing arrangements on their own. We offer a variety of flexible payment options: competitive loan products from diversified lenders, including on-bill repayment, unsecured options and interest only payment periods. Learn more about financing.

If you decide to do a home upgrade project through Enhabit, we identify and help you access all available utility rebates, and we sometimes offer special promotions.

In addition, our multiple partner lenders offer no money down, low-interest loans to finance your project. And in most cases, homeowners save enough money on energy to offset all or part of their payments.

We want to make sure that our customers get the most skilled and experienced contractors available. That’s why Enhabit contractors meet rigorous quality, building science and high road standards to ensure they are qualified before your project begins. We want customers to get contractors with the right skills and experience, so that we can deliver the highest quality work at a reasonable cost. In addition, we provide quality control on every single project—including cost—before your work moves forward.

Enhabit Home Advisors can help answer questions about your bid or any other component of the work. If you have concerns, we encourage you to reach out to your Home Advisor who will work directly with the Contractor to address project issues or negotiate cost.

Enhabit reviews your entire home’s opportunity for improved comfort, health and safety. We’ll ask you questions about your home that encompass many factors. Your home functions as a complete system: when one part functions poorly, the entire system is affected. We don’t just check one element of the home—say your bedroom windows—we look at all the major components and structural features to make your home healthier, safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

Consider your car. If it’s working poorly or not working at all, you take it to a mechanic to have it evaluated and the mechanic gives recommendations on how to get it running. That requires examination of the entire car and its systems. By tuning up the right parts of your car you can keep it running smoothly and save money on repair bills and gas in the future.

Energy Trust provides information, cash incentives and contractor connections to help people and businesses use less energy and generate renewable power. It is a mission-based organization that collaborates with utilities, nonprofits and government agencies to deliver clean energy benefits for Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Enhabit does not offer tax advice. The Residential Energy Tax Credit offered by the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) expired at the end of 2017, but select projects may qualify. You may contact ODOE at 503-378-4040 or toll free at 800-221-8035 with questions. The U.S. Department of Energy website provides information on tax credits for energy-efficiency and renewable energy upgrades; however, it’s best to consult your tax accountant to determine whether your participation in Enhabit qualifies for any of these tax credits.


Your Enhabit Home Advisor is a trained professional who is available to answer your questions and guide you through your home upgrades. All Enhabit Home Advisors are licensed home energy assessors, with highly specialized training and certification for the whole home, carrying degrees and credentials in home energy efficiency and Building Science, Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS), Radon Measurement and Mitigation, Healthy Homes and Renewable Energy Engineering.

Absolutely. Home Advisors work for Enhabit – not the contractor – so they are completely independent and objective.

The goal of Enhabit is to ensure your home upgrade is as easy and time efficient as possible.

We have thoroughly screened each of the contractors that participate with Enhabit and actively monitor their activities in the program. In addition, because we understand that customers may have a variety of expectations regarding the costs of home performance upgrades, your access to a Home Advisor who reviews your bid and helps explain typical costs helps you select the project that meets your goals.

If you feel that your bid is unreasonably priced or that the scope of the bid does not match your stated priorities, please bring it to the attention of your Home Advisor. With that information, we can work towards a resolution with your contractor or, if you feel that another bid is needed, we will match you with another contractor that we feel can better meet your needs.

All contractors that participate in Enhabit are not only Energy Trust of Oregon trade allies but are also certified by the Building Performance Institute – an independent, not-for-profit organization and the nation’s leading developer of technical standards for home performance and weatherization retrofit work. Our contractor partners have also met stringent labor standards to ensure you are working with contractors of the highest integrity. All Enhabit Contractors must:

  • Employ key staff that are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI).
  • Commit to pay a family-supporting wage.
  • Pledge to employ highly qualified minority and historically under-represented tradespeople.
  • Agree to provide reasonable Employee Health Care.

During your free phone consult, your Home Advisor will help you determine which of Enhabit’s contractors is best suited to work with you on your home’s needs. The Home Advisor can also schedule an appointment for you with a contractor – right over the phone.

If you encounter any problems with your contractor, or have any questions, please call us and speak with your Home Advisor.  Enhabit Home Advisors are there for customers, so they can help answer any questions related to a work proposal or any other component of the work.

We routinely conduct customer service surveys to evaluate homeowner satisfaction with each of our contractor partners. If there’s a pattern of dissatisfaction with one of our contractor partners we will take steps to remedy that situation – including suspension or removal from Enhabit. You can submit a complaint through our online portal, by calling our contact center or simply discuss the issue with your Home Performance Advisor.

You can find a list of participating contractors here.

Each home is unique, so project time varies. Some homeowners get work done in as little as one month. For more comprehensive projects with multiple upgrades it can take 4-5 months complete the process, from your initial phone consultation through your bidding process and in-home work.

Part of this depends on you, the homeowner. Some homeowners need more time than others to review their bid and financing package before they are comfortable signing them. If you move more quickly than others, your project is likely to be completed in considerably less time.