Taking Homeowners to “School” – Man Learns Value of Energy Efficiency

“I knew nothing about energy efficiency, and they took me to school.”


After completing a project with Enhabit and partner contractor GreenSavers, Gerry Winfield got more than renovations for an energy efficient home; he got an education in total home performance.

West Linn, Oregon homeowner Gerry Winfield has lived with his family in their 1986 split-level home for 27 years. Being only the second owners of the house, the Winfield’s feel deeply rooted to their residence. However, the leaky windows and lack of insulation were taking a toll on the family. After the kids had grown up and moved out, Gerry and his wife took on a project with Enhabit to revamp their home’s efficiency.

Improving their Home

Our partner contractor GreenSavers completed air sealing, which included a weather strip on the exterior doors and attic hatches, duct sealing and duct insulation, attic, wall, and floor insulation, and they replaced nearly every window in the house.

“Even if you have a quality window, it has to be done right,” says Gerry.

Previous to GreenSavers’ work, the Winfield’s had windows that were not properly installed. Some of them had gotten cloudy and attracted mold. Gerry’s contractor worked hard and efficiently to turn this problem around. The windows got fixed, and even a trim was added around the border to match the house perfectly as if it was built with those windows.

New windows with added exterior border

Gerry calls GreenSavers “meticulous and thorough workers.” He was impressed with their honestly, professionalism, and follow through.

Throughout the entire process, the contractor would explain what they were doing and why it was important. Gerry learned more than he could have ever imagined about how these improvements impact the performance of a home and the living conditions for those inside.

Improving their Health

Having worked in social services, Gerry knows firsthand how the conditions of a home can affect the well-being of the people living in it. He has seen people’s health completely turnaround after they were taken out of a home that was virtually toxic to live in. In his own life, Gerry has asthma and his kids have allergies. The project was completed only a few months ago in Fall 2014, but they have already noticed a difference in the way they feel.

Gerry says, “If you spend the money now, you won’t spend it in utility bills or trips to the hospital because of your asthma or because you got a disease.”

Gerry and his family couldn’t be happier about their home’s new feel and the value they have gained. With a new knowledge of energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and better conditions health-wise, it’s a win for everyone.