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The 6 Factors That Make or Break Home Solar

Nothing’s more important to the success of your solar project than the place the panels will be installed. Will your home and property let you get the most out of your solar system? Consider these six factors, and always get a professional solar site evaluation before buying. Location Panels in the Pacific Northwest may produce… Read more

New Solar Incentives Pay Big in Washington

You could earn good money from new solar panels for eight years, covering up to 80% of your solar system cost. If you live in Washington and you’ve been thinking about going solar, now is a good time to act. The Washington State Legislature passed a revised production incentive program on July 1, 2017. Enjoy… Read more

Portland Homeowner Shares the Steps to an Enhabit Home

Portland, Oregon homeowner Laura Parisi finds peace of mind in a home with the whole package: energy efficiency, solar panels, and a seismic retrofit—all thanks to Enhabit. The cape cod home nestled in a North Portland neighborhood was built in 1943—a rarity, as not many homes were built during World War II. It was a… Read more

Step up to Solar: Oregon Home Ready to Soak Up the Sun

Once you’ve upgraded your home for energy efficiency, what’s next? For homeowner Erin Patrick, going solar is the natural choice. Erin lives in a 1985 ranch-style home in the heart of Wilsonville, Oregon. When the sun is shining, not even an inch of her rooftop is covered by shade. After living in the house for… Read more

Owning vs. Leasing Solar Panels: Which is Better?

You may have heard about solar panels that you can lease, rather than own. While this makes solar accessible with minimum upfront investment, there are still plenty of reasons to buy. Enhabit does not offer a lease option. 5 reasons to lease solar panels 1. You are primarily interested in using renewable energy and less… Read more