Category: Heating and Air Conditioning

Furnaces, Boilers and Heat Pumps

Furnaces usually heat air, which is distributed by a fan in ducts throughout the house. Boilers heat water, which is distributed to radiators or baseboard coils throughout the home in pipes. Heat pumps move refrigerant through tubing that connects two coils—one indoors and one outdoors. When the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas… Read more

Replacing an Oil-Fired Heating System

Many older homes have furnaces or boilers that run on fuel oil. The fuel oil is stored in a large tank, which is typically located underground. Because these tanks corrode and leak as they age, these systems are being phased out. If your home has an oil-fired heating system, it is often feasible to replace… Read more

Total Turnaround: 30% Reduction in Energy Use

Cute-as-a button, not buttoned up Sandy Bielen was on a mission to find a house in Hood River. After an exhaustive, yet unsuccessful five-year search, she and her husband Brook focused their sights on Rocky Road, which is just steps away from their kids’ elementary school and a nature trail. With two kids and a… Read more