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Safe and Cozy: Homeowner Reaps Benefits of Crucial Repair Program

With her home now mold-free, insulated and more resilient, Nekicia Luckett feels good about her home and her future. “I feel safe and secure. I’m not going to have any problems, she says. “Now I feel like I can invite people over. I have a nice cozy home,” she says about the house she’s owned… Read more

Andy Ehlen: Making an Older Home a Better Place

“Enlisting the services of Enhabit was the smartest thing I did after buying an older home. My certified Enhabit contractor, Central Air, caught major things missed by my home inspection, from vermiculite to a heat duct that had separated, sending warm air not to mention countless dollars into the attic. Their work resulted in a… Read more

A Healthier Home for the Long Haul

Enhabit homeowner Susan Argintar’s philosophy when it comes to house hunting? “You’ll know it when you feel it—that’s it!” After looking at nearly 50 homes with her partner Jonathan, they knew they had found “the one” the moment they stepped into a ranch-style house nestled on a quiet street in the Cully Neighborhood of NE… Read more

Five Tips Toward a Healthier Home

Let us help you turn a musty home into a healthy haven– one that’s safe and comfortable, with indoor air that’s easy to breathe and free of pollutants and toxins that may be lurking in your home’s nooks and crannies. While tidying up shelves and cleaning out closets, don’t forget to put these items on… Read more

Spring Tips for Controlling Your Asthma

Springtime can really take a toll on the 67,000 children and 320,000 adults in Oregon with asthma. The American Lung Association and Enhabit are working in partnership to empower those who suffer from this disease to learn how to go from just coping with symptoms to taking active control of their health. Below are four… Read more

Radon Dangers for Oregon Families: Q&A With Enhabit

Every home should be tested for radon. We’ll tell you why. The Oregon Health Authority notes that at least 1 in 4 properties in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area have high levels of radon. January is National Radon Action Month, so it’s the perfect time to test your home. Got questions about the next steps? We’ve… Read more

Portland Homeowner Shares the Steps to an Enhabit Home

Portland, Oregon homeowner Laura Parisi finds peace of mind in a home with the whole package: energy efficiency, solar panels, and a seismic retrofit—all thanks to Enhabit. The cape cod home nestled in a North Portland neighborhood was built in 1943—a rarity, as not many homes were built during World War II. It was a… Read more

7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Cooler weather and shorter days are upon us. Now is the perfect time to find out if your home is sufficiently weatherized for the coming season changes. Here are our favorite fall tips: #1 Have a home energy assessment done by an energy smart contractor, such as the ones participating in Enhabit. Contractors certified in building… Read more

Small Coastal Earthquakes Remind Oregonians to Prepare Homes

Bolting homes to foundations and other structural improvements cost relatively little, but mean less damage and more homes left standing after the inevitable Big One.  Seven small earthquakes off the coast of Oregon caused no damage, but they are a reminder of the seismic potential of the faults underneath Oregon and potential for significant damage… Read more

10 Important Earthquake Resources for Pacific Northwesterners

With so many articles and websites out there discussing the risks and potential damage from a major earthquake in the Northwest, what do you really need to know? Our list of ten important resources is a good place to start. 1. Portland Bureau of Emergency Management Survival Guide A comprehensive guide educating Portland-Metro residents about… Read more