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The Road from Rental to Homeownership

New Baby, New Home  Motivated by the impending arrival of their firstborn son Kofi and rising rental costs, Ty Schwoeffermann and his wife Cimone began house hunting in 2014. “We wanted to get out of this cycle of being renters,” Ty says, “Our last rent hike was $300.” A native Portlander, Ty wanted an older… Read more

Old Carpet Out, Energy Efficiency In

The first thing that catches your eye in Mickey Lee’s home are the beautiful, Middle Eastern archways in the living room and hallway – some of the charming details that originally drew Mickey to this 1912 home. These details allowed her overlook the inadequate gas furnace and ugly carpet in her purchase decision, though not… Read more

Home Energy Efficiency ‘Don’ts’

Wondering which route to go first with home energy efficiency upgrades? Here’s some advice: Fix the leaks first. Adding insulation to your attic and crawl spaces saves money and makes your home more comfortable, but it won’t do much good if you don’t seal up places where air and moisture can leak in and out… Read more

Portland Homeowner Shares the Steps to an Enhabit Home

Portland, Oregon homeowner Laura Parisi finds peace of mind in a home with the whole package: energy efficiency, solar panels, and a seismic retrofit—all thanks to Enhabit. The cape cod home nestled in a North Portland neighborhood was built in 1943—a rarity, as not many homes were built during World War II. It was a… Read more

7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Cooler weather and shorter days are upon us. Now is the perfect time to find out if your home is sufficiently weatherized for the coming season changes. Here are our favorite fall tips: #1 Have a home energy assessment done by an energy smart contractor, such as the ones participating in Enhabit. Contractors certified in building… Read more

Teach Your Kids About Energy Efficiency and Conservation

With one-month left of summer, kids are bouncing off the walls with energy before school starts up again. Make use of that energy with some educational activities! Here are some ways to get your kids learning about important topics that will affect their lives today and in the future. HOW TO SAVE ENERGY Kids love… Read more

Making Sense of Window Rating Systems

When considering window options, there are a few rating systems that can help you understand the efficiency of one window versus another. U-Factor To make it easy for homeowners, the window industry uses a rating called the U-factor. U-factor indicates how much heat flows through an entire window assembly, and accounts for each material and… Read more

Taking Homeowners to “School” – Man Learns Value of Energy Efficiency

“I knew nothing about energy efficiency, and they took me to school.” After completing a project with Enhabit and partner contractor GreenSavers, Gerry Winfield got more than renovations for an energy efficient home; he got an education in total home performance. West Linn, Oregon homeowner Gerry Winfield has lived with his family in their 1986… Read more

Smaller Bills, Bigger Home

“My home actually feels bigger. It’s more livable now.” As a parent, Kristin Kelly’s number one priority is her children’s safety and comfort, especially in their own home. When a house is too cold or too hot, living space can be incredibly uncomfortable, sometimes even unbearable. Kristin and her family faced this problem in their… Read more

Furnaces, Boilers and Heat Pumps

Furnaces usually heat air, which is distributed by a fan in ducts throughout the house. Boilers heat water, which is distributed to radiators or baseboard coils throughout the home in pipes. Heat pumps move refrigerant through tubing that connects two coils—one indoors and one outdoors. When the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas… Read more