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Quietly Active: Earthquakes in Oregon 1700-2016

Did you know that here in Oregon there were more than 14,000 known earthquakes from 1841 to 2002? Or that Geological evidence shows large subduction zone earthquakes struck Oregon’s coast every 300-800 years, back as long as 11,000 years? Far more common are smaller, but sometimes damaging, quakes that rock Portland and the Willamette Valley,… Read more

How Home Seismic Retrofits Work

Home seismic retrofits target parts of the home that are most likely to fail, and add additional materials and fasteners for greater strength. Every older home is different, and upgrades typically fall into two categories and price points. 1. Prescriptive path: For suitable homes with strong foundations and meeting other criteria, this path includes upgrades… Read more

Does Your House Need a Seismic Retrofit?

Armed with the right knowledge, you can safeguard your home and family. Seismic building codes were enacted in 1974 in Oregon. If your home is older, it’s unlikely built to withstand earthquakes. But the home’s age isn’t the only factor.  Other factors influencing seismic readiness of your home may include: Configuration: Rooms built over garages… Read more

One Less Worry with a Seismic Retrofit

“We have two small children, so keeping them safe is always top of mind. Now that we’ve had the home seismically upgraded, it’s one less thing to worry about. Enhabit matched us up with a great contractor, and we got the upgrades done really quickly. The entire process went really smoothly.” -Elma, SW Portland Elma… Read more

Portland Homeowner Shares the Steps to an Enhabit Home

Portland, Oregon homeowner Laura Parisi finds peace of mind in a home with the whole package: energy efficiency, solar panels, and a seismic retrofit—all thanks to Enhabit. The cape cod home nestled in a North Portland neighborhood was built in 1943—a rarity, as not many homes were built during World War II. It was a… Read more

Small Coastal Earthquakes Remind Oregonians to Prepare Homes

Bolting homes to foundations and other structural improvements cost relatively little, but mean less damage and more homes left standing after the inevitable Big One.  Seven small earthquakes off the coast of Oregon caused no damage, but they are a reminder of the seismic potential of the faults underneath Oregon and potential for significant damage… Read more

10 Important Earthquake Resources for Pacific Northwesterners

With so many articles and websites out there discussing the risks and potential damage from a major earthquake in the Northwest, what do you really need to know? Our list of ten important resources is a good place to start. 1. Portland Bureau of Emergency Management Survival Guide A comprehensive guide educating Portland-Metro residents about… Read more

Tips for Making Emergency Preparedness Kits

Although earthquakes are rare in Oregon and Washington, the Cascadia Subduction Zone and numerous faults pose a very real risk of significant seismic damage.  In the case of a catastrophe, you want to be prepared. and American Red Cross note important items to gather ahead of time. Use the lists below to start your… Read more

“Don’t Panic, Prepare” – Portland Family is Earthquake Ready

With looming threats of a high magnitude earthquake significantly impacting the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to take steps now to protect your family and your biggest investment—your home. Earthquake Preparedness for a Dream Home Living in their dream home, Veronica Marzilli and her family have invested and planned well to protect the structure of the… Read more