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Enhabit Creates ‘Essential House’ Design to Explore ADU Affordability

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADUs) are a great way expand Portland’s housing options and increase density in single-family neighborhoods without requiring demolition of existing homes or constructing new multi-family housing units. ADU development in Portland to date has largely been an exercise for households with higher than average incomes and strong interest in the design and… Read more

How are recommendations on the back of a Portland Home Energy Score report generated?

Realtors and homeowners know that the outcome of a home energy assessment is the score for that home. What many don’t realize is that the Home Energy Score report also includes recommendations for cost-effective upgrade options that the homeowner could do to improve the home’s energy efficiency. These recommendations are helpful because they take the… Read more

Wrapping up ‘A Place for You’ ADU Pilot

As of Summer 2018, Enhabit is concluding a pilot program with Multnomah County to house families experiencing homelessness. Families will soon be housed in four ADUs in four Portland backyards. Portland’s Housing Problem The number of families experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County is at a record high and we lack an adequate number of affordable… Read more

What is an ADU?

You may know them as granny flats, mother-in-law units, backyard cottages, or even tiny houses. When located on the property of a single family home, these are all part of a category of living spaces called Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs for short. Often ADUs are standalone homes in a backyard, or are apartments converted… Read more

6 Things to Know Before Your Home Energy Score Assessment

Enhabit’s assessors often receive questions from realtors and homeowners about how they can prepare for their home energy score assessment. Here are six of the questions we get asked most often, along with some expert input from our team of home energy score advisors. How long does it take to get a home energy score?… Read more

Does My Portland Home Need a Home Energy Score?

As of January 2018, Portland, Oregon homeowners who want to sell their home are required to get a Home Energy Score before listing. Having worked with hundreds of homeowners for the past three months on their scores, we continually hear questions about which types of homes need to receive a Home Energy score. According to… Read more

What Causes a Low Home Energy Score?

Is your Home Energy Score lower than you expected? Maybe you even got a dreaded “1”?  If your score’s on the low end of the 1-10 scale, you might be surprised. Results can be concerning, especially if you’ve made investments in energy efficiency. But a low number means there’s a lot you can do to… Read more

Does Your Home Need Critical Repairs?

Critical repairs are fixes that need the most immediate attention in your home. These repairs address concerning situations  like a failing roof, peeling paint, faulty plumbing, or structural problems that will only cause increasing cost and damage to the home unless action is taken to fix them. Problems with your house that may impact the… Read more

Do Condos Need Home Energy Scores? An Answer to a Common Question

A common question we hear is “Do condos need a City of Portland Home Energy Score?” The answer depends on the type of condo. Homes that require Home Energy Scores for listings are single family detached or side by side townhomes, row houses or common wall houses like duplexes or triplexes. Many condos will fall… Read more

Insights From Enhabit’s First 50 Home Energy Scores

Enhabit assessors have completed 50 City of Portland Home Energy Score assessments to date. For the most part the results confirm what we expected, given our past energy efficiency field knowledge of the Portland housing stock. The average score so far is 4. The Home Energy Score is a number that ranges from 1, for… Read more