Do Condos Need Home Energy Scores? An Answer to a Common Question

A common question we hear is “Do condos need a City of Portland Home Energy Score?” The answer depends on the type of condo.

Homes that require Home Energy Scores for listings are single family detached or side by side townhomes, row houses or common wall houses like duplexes or triplexes. Many condos will fall in this category, but not all will.

Condos exempt from the Home Energy Score requirement are stacked units, those that are above or below other condo units.

Home Energy Scores and Condos (Portland Oregon Ordinance)

Below are excerpts from the City administrative rules:

The Seller of a covered building must obtain a Home Energy Performance Report that meets all requirements…from a State Licensed Home Energy Assessor prior to publicly listing the covered building for sale.

“Covered Building” or “Home” means any residential structure containing at least one dwelling unit or house, regardless of size, on its own lot. Covered building also includes an attached single dwelling unit, regardless of whether it is located on its own lot, where each unit extends from foundation to roof, such as a row house, attached house, common-wall house, duplex, or townhouse. A covered building is defined based on the type of structure and physical qualities, regardless of the ownership or whether the property is privately held or part of a homeowner’s association or other ownership arrangement. Covered building does not include multiple housing units that are stacked vertically, such as an apartment or multifamily structure. Covered building also does not include floating homes, detached accessory dwelling units or manufactured dwellings, such as mobile homes or residential trailers. Covered building also does not include single dwelling units used solely for commercial purposes.

Source: Administrative Rules, Residential Energy Performance Rating and Disclosure (December 18, 2017)

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