Five Tips Toward a Healthier Home

Let us help you turn a musty home into a healthy haven– one that’s safe and comfortable, with indoor air that’s easy to breathe and free of pollutants and toxins that may be lurking in your home’s nooks and crannies.

While tidying up shelves and cleaning out closets, don’t forget to put these items on your cleaning to-do list:

1. Test your home for radon. Radon gas, the second leading cause of lung cancer, may be unknowingly lurking in your home. The Oregon Healthy Authority notes that 1 in 4 properties in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area have high levels of radon.

2. Consider an in-home air quality diagnostic. Find a contractor who can provide a 48-hour monitoring system in your home to test for pathogens, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), humidity and carbon dioxide levels, carbon monoxide and more.

3. Amp up your insulation and air sealing (if needed). Insulation and air sealing work together hand in hand—not only do they keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but they can keep toxins and pollutants out. A Home Advisor can help you learn if your home needs this upgrade.

4. Spruce up some rooms with houseplants. Break out the English Ivy and Peace Lily. Aside from their aesthetic, do you know the other benefits? Some plants help clear the air of toxins, which is an easy way to get healthier air in your home.

5. Use green products. When wiping down the shelves, think about the products you’re using. Some common cleaners contain harsh chemicals, which may irritate your eyes, skin, and lungs. Green products help the environment, and they help you!