Does Your Home Need Critical Repairs?

Critical repairs are fixes that need the most immediate attention in your home. These repairs address concerning situations  like a failing roof, peeling paint, faulty plumbing, or structural problems that will only cause increasing cost and damage to the home unless action is taken to fix them.

Problems with your house that may impact the  health and safety of occupants are are another group of needed critical repairs. A home may be at risk if it lacks functioning safety exists, has fire hazards or potentially dangerous problems with gas appliances (like ovens, furnaces or dryers), or has unsafe wiring or other concerning issues.

Your Enhabit Home Advisor can help you understand what critical repairs your home needs. The advisor can also connect you with local repair programs, some of which offer free or low-cost services for families of modest means. Contact your Home Advisor, or if you’ve not worked with Enhabit yet, call (855) 870-0049 to learn more.