10 Important Earthquake Resources for Pacific Northwesterners

With so many articles and websites out there discussing the risks and potential damage from a major earthquake in the Northwest, what do you really need to know? Our list of ten important resources is a good place to start.

1. Portland Bureau of Emergency Management Survival Guide

A comprehensive guide educating Portland-Metro residents about how to prepare ahead of time, as well as details about the damage and aftermath: what buildings will fall, how we will get around, and what food we will eat. This is a must-read, especially if you live in the City of Portland! Go Now

2. OPB’s Aftershock Tool

“Find your Cascadia quake story” with this interactive online tool. Type in your address to discover the expected intensity of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in your neighborhood, a projected timeline for community recovery, and other information for how to prepare based on your precise location. Go Now

3. OPB “Unprepared” Series

A collection of stories highlighted by OPB documenting the “Living Off Your Quake Kit” weekend, tips for disaster planning with disabilities, general earthquake prep, and more. Go Now

4. OPB’s “Preparing Your Home for a Megaquake”

What do you need to know as a homeowner? Be sure to learn all of the essential steps to protect your biggest investment—your home. Go Now

5. OPB’s “How to Safely Turn Off Utilities After a Disaster”

Natural gas, water, and electricity can be a source of serious threats to health and well-being in the event of an earthquake. If you do not plan on installing a natural gas automatic emergency shut-off valve, be sure to educate yourself for how to turn utilities off on your own. Go Now

6. Ready.gov Earthquake Preparedness

Tips for before, during, and after an earthquake, emergency kit lists, and other information to help you and your family make a plan. Go Now

7. American Red Cross Earthquake Preparedness

The Red Cross offers emergency kit lists, facts, tips for before, during, and after a quake, planning ideas, and even an online store that sells pre-made emergency kits, emergency blankets, flashlights, radios etc. Go Now

8. FEMA Earthquake Preparedness

Find earthquake records and tracking, hazard maps, fact sheets and more all provided in one central location. Go Now

9. Oregon earthquake insurance policies*

Information about earthquake insurance policies from Oregon.gov. Go Now

10. Washington earthquake insurance policies*

Information about earthquake insurance policies from the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Go Now

Bonus for Portland Residents:

Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) are all over the city. Members of the community get trained by trained by Portland Bureau of Emergency Management and Portland Fire & Rescue to provide emergency disaster assistance within their own neighborhoods. If you’re interested in getting involved, learn more here!

Also, be sure to check out Enhabit’ seismic resources:

*Consult your insurance agent for further information regarding your home’s eligibility for earthquake insurance.