Wrapping up ‘A Place for You’ ADU Pilot

As of Summer 2018, Enhabit concluded a pilot program with Multnomah County to house families experiencing homelessness. Families are now housed in four ADUs in four Portland backyards.

Portland’s Housing Problem

The number of families experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County is at a record high and we lack an adequate number of affordable units to meet the region’s increased housing demands – an estimated 25,000 affordable housing unit gap. The City of Portland and Multnomah County jointly allocated $61 million to address the crisis and significantly increase affordable housing supply in Multnomah County. At the same time, the City and County face an immediate and urgent need to get families off the street now, as extended shelter stays are very challenging, especially for families with children. A Place For You demonstrates one way to close the housing gap.

How it Worked

The Multnomah Idea Lab (MIL), a learning lab within Multnomah County’s Department of County Human Services, contracted with Enhabit to manage this $350,000 pilot project on behalf of the county. A family will live in each unit rent free for five years. At the end of that time, homeowners will have the option of unrestricted use of the ADUs.

Family tenants will be referred through A Home For Everyone’s (AHFE) Homeless Families’ Coordinated Access system. A Home for Everyone is a community-wide plan for addressing homelessness through a mix of strategies including prevention, housing placement and shelter. During the five years, families will receive full social service support through AHFE.

This program is full and is closed to new applicants.

Benefits to Homeowners

  • No upfront costs for homeowners
  • Tax abatement for the years the ADU is part of the project
  • Increased social networking, community building, and hope

Benefits to Families

  • Privacy away from a shelter or doubled-up living situation
  • Stability for children who can attend the same school
  • Increased social networking, community building, and hope