Multnomah County and Enhabit Launch Pilot Project ‘A Place For You’

Thank you to all who responded to this innovative rapid-response solution to help bridge Portland’s housing gap.  We are no longer accepting candidates for the initial test for A Place For You, but if you would like to receive more information from the County or Enhabit on ADU’s or affordable housing initiatives, please fill out the form and we’ll keep you informed on our progress.

If you have more questions about the pilot project, please contact the Multnomah Idea Lab at [email protected].

In addition, the County is always looking for help with ongoing work providing safe and affordable housing for the thousands of people served by A Home for Everyone each year.

If you think you can provide an option apart from A Place for You and want to work with County service providers, please contact A Home for Everyone at [email protected].

The MIL and Enhabit

The Multnomah Idea Lab (MIL) is a learning lab within Multnomah County’s Department of County Human Services. Enhabit is managing this $350,000 pilot project on behalf of the county. Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works), has spent years working with governments, utilities and residential customers on energy-efficiency, seismic and other home-improvement projects. Enhabit’s role in A Place For You includes overseeing design and installation, working on site selection, and serving as a point of contact for participants.

Portland’s Housing Problem

The number of families experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County is at a record high and we lack an adequate number of affordable units to meet the region’s increased housing demands - an estimated 25,000 affordable housing unit gap. The City of Portland and Multnomah County jointly allocated $61 million to address the crisis and significantly increase affordable housing supply in Multnomah County. At the same time, the City and County face an immediate and urgent need to get families off the street now, as extended shelter stays are very challenging, especially for families with children.

How it Works

The County has contracted with Enhabit to manage a pilot project to design and install ADUs in four privately owned yards. A homeless family will live there rent free for five years. At the end of that time, homeowners will have unrestricted use of the ADUs. Family tenants will be referred through A Home For Everyone’s (AHFE) Homeless Families’ Coordinated Access system. A Home for Everyone is a community-wide plan for addressing homelessness through a mix of strategies including prevention, housing placement and shelter. During the five years, families will receive full social service support through AHFE. For more information on the project, go to

Qualifying Criteria

Details are still being worked out. We expect to give preference to properties within close proximity to key services such as public transit, public schools, a grocery store and day care. Candidates for consideration in the pilot will be notified with information on how to proceed in the selection process. AS OF APRIL 3, 2017 WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING CANDIDATES FOR THIS INITIAL TEST.

Benefits to Homeowners

  • No upfront costs for homeowners
  • Tax abatement for the years the ADU is part of the project
  • Increased social networking, community building, and hope

Benefits to Families

  • Privacy away from a shelter or doubled-up living situation
  • Stability for children who can attend the same school
  • Increased social networking, community building, and hope

Join the Interest List

Yes, I want to learn more about A Place for You and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Please keep me posted on progress and send me information as it becomes available.

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The Multnomah Idea Lab (MIL) is a learning lab within Multnomah County’s Department of County Human Services created to study and test new approaches to fight poverty and racism. The MIL seeks to positively change community conditions by practicing human-centered design, developing applied research and providing thought leadership. Follow our work @MultCoMIL.