Accessory Dwelling Units: Housing That Makes Sense

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are small, complete living units (sometimes called ‘backyard cottages’ and ‘in-law units’) that are built with minimal disruption to neighborhoods. When implemented with care, ADUs can increase the supply of affordable housing. Enhabit is working to house individuals and families in critical need of housing in backyard ADUs while providing rental income and support to homeowners.

Our new ADU program will make it easy for homeowners:

Affordable ADU Construction

Enhabit designs ADUs for efficient construction and minimal lot disruption, speeding the entire process and reducing costs. See the ADU models Essential House One and Mod 30.

Low Money Down Financing

Until now, most homeowners building ADUs have paid cash or relied on home equity loans. We’re working with lenders to create better options that won’t require a large down payment or tap into home equity. Details coming soon.


Tenant Placement & Support

You won’t be on your own as you make your new ADU available to community members seeking affordable housing. Enhabit is partnering with local agencies and nonprofits to assist with tenant selection and to support you while you rent an ADU to a family in need.

Enhabit and ADUs

Since 2009, Enhabit has advised and helped thousands of homeowners and worked with utilities and local governments to create efficient, healthy, and safe living spaces. As Portland faces a housing and homelessness crisis, Enhabit began investigating how to use ADUs as an  affordable housing option, in service to our mission to create social impact through better living spaces.

As of Summer 2018, Enhabit is concluding a pilot program with Multnomah County to house families experiencing homelessness. Learn More

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