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Since 2009, through our non-profit work improving over 6,000 homes - Enhabit has become one of the leading residential improvement programs in the country.  We are dedicated to catalyzing the multiple benefits of better homes.

Enhabit homeowners understand that we put our hearts into home, improving how homes perform, creating a healthier, safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient place to live.

We measure the success of our work through immediate benefits to homeowners and lasting results for communities. Enhabit communities can improve energy efficiency, generate renewable energy, improve indoor air quality and mitigate natural disasters.

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Non-profit. Pro-people.

We make home performance personal. From our leadership, to our Home Performance Advisors, to our members of the board, these are the folks you want on your side.

Megan Owen
Board Chair

Megan develops, implements and manages a national Strategic Market Development agenda. Her extensive experience in government gives her unique insight into identifying critical paths to common interests across disciplines of public and private entities. Megan is primarily responsible for developing the critical path to market adoption of high performance buildings and clean distributed resource initiatives by advancing durable and appropriate ecosystems of policy, regulation, and technology.

Maurice Rahming
President, O’Neill Electric Inc.

Maurice Rahming is the president of O'Neill Electric Inc. As a business owner and leader in the minority-contracting community, he is active on a number of boards and committees, including chair of the Metropolitan Alliance for Workforce Equity, chair of the Community Benefits Agreement Board and chair of the Community Benefits Plan Advisory Committee, and has been inducted into the National Association of Minority Contractors Hall of Fame – an organization for which he served as vice president.

Eric Park
Innovator and Creative Director, Cambia Health Solutions

Eric helps passionate organizations imagine and design better futures. For over twenty years, he has led award-winning research and design innovation programs for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Patagonia, Philips Healthcare, Intel and Procter & Gamble. More recently he has turned his focus to leading branding and service innovation programs in healthcare for UnitedHealth, ODS (now Moda Health), and OHSU.

Jeremy Hays
Senior Strategist, Green for All

Jeremy leads Green For All’s state and local work, which focuses on the development, implementation, and replication of green economic and workforce development models. Over the past five years Jeremy has designed and led Green For All’s Communities of Practice and Business Engagement programs, as well as a number of successful initiatives to expand energy efficiency, create pathways out of poverty, promote clean water, encourage high road employment, and build green infrastructure.

Lisa Bates
Associate Professor, Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning, PSU

Lisa K. Bates is associate professor at the Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning of Portland State University.  She does research related to housing policy and planning. Her work is particularly focused on social justice issues, including understanding how inequitable outcomes may arise from institutionalized racism in policy design and implementation. Her research also describes how people of color and low-income households make decisions about housing and neighborhoods, given their perceived choices and constraints. As a planner, Dr. Bates engages with space and place as important to the context of decision-making and policy-making, and has conducted research in diverse settings, including Chicago, post-Katrina New Orleans, and Portland.

Sam Adams
Director, U.S. Climate Initiative, Climate Program, World Resources Institute

From 2009 until 2012, Sam Adams was the Mayor of Portland, Oregon. Prior to being elected Mayor, Sam served a four-year term as City Commissioner and 11 years as Chief of Staff to Portland Mayor Vera Katz. His earlier public service includes work as the Political Director of the Oregon House Democrats and as an aide to Oregon Congressmen Peter DeFazio. Sam’s extensive non-profit service includes All Hands Raised (Co-founder) and Greater Portland, Inc. (Co-founder) among many others. He grew up in Newport, Oregon.

Sara Carnahan
Home Performance Advisor

Sara brings great experience and deep interest in conservation to her work at Enhabit. Previously a Senior Energy Advisor at the Boston-based Next Step Living, Sara advised homeowners on energy efficiency retrofit work. Previously, she worked as a solar energy analyst and earned a degree from Tufts University in Environmental Economics.

Daniel Kelley
Lead Home Performance Advisor

As Lead Home Performance Advisor for Enhabit, Danny leads a team of experts who work directly with homeowners on their home performance projects, and perform quality assurance upon completion of each job. Danny is a natural born teacher, having taught English as a second language for years early in his career. He brings that skill set, curiosity and genuine determination to help homeowners to his job at Enhabit. When deciding on his first house to purchase, Danny's real estate agent said, “he was the only client who actually crawled in all the crawlspaces and brought a ladder to look in every attic.” Danny enjoys his job because it's what he practices in his everyday life. Before Enhabit, he worked at Conservation Services Group in a similar role.

Jason Elton
Quality System Manager

Jason leads quality management system development for the Home Performance Advisor team at Enhabit. He has played a critical role in evolving and implementing building science in Oregon, to the benefit of both contractors and homeowners. Jason has a passion for education and has spent many years with Oregon State Parks and schools teaching Environmental Science. His interests in energy efficiency developed while working with a local construction company building and remodeling homes, ultimately leading to his career promoting residential energy efficiency.

Tim Miller

Tim Miller’s 28 years in management and executive roles brings broad experience to his work at Enhabit. His leadership background spans high-tech, on-line and manufacturing environments, in general management, sales, marketing, and operations. For the last 13 years, Miller has been focused 100% on sustainability, providing business consulting and interim support to over 30 clean-tech companies, non-profits, and agencies.

Shirley Cyr
Chief Financial Officer

Shirley Cyr is an active CPA with over 30 years of professional experience in the financial institution, public accounting, and nonprofit financial management sectors. Before joining Enhabit, Shirley was the Director of Finance and Administration for Loaves & Fishes Centers, Inc., a senior manager with Moss Adams LLP, First Interstate Bank of Oregon in the areas credit review, commercial real estate and asset based lending, and operations.

Scot Davidson
Vice President, Programs

With over twenty years of corporate management at his back, Scot says he 'converted to sustainabilism.'  Since then, he has operated his own green products company, led Market Operations at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and directed the Carbon & Sustainability unit at Ecova.  Today, as Vice President of Programs at Enhabit, Davidson focuses on the organizations systems, operations and program design to advance new ideas to market for Enhabit and the stakeholders of the region.  An avid kiteboarder and outdoor recreationalist, Scot lives in the scenic Columbia Gorge.  He holds an undergraduate degree in communications from Washington State University and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

Non-profit. Pro-people.

Upgrading performance in one home can create a chain reaction of benefits that strengthens the entire community.


We help communities minimize wasted energy and costs.

10 high-performing homes means another 3 houses can be powered from the savings gained.


We connect homeowners to financing options that help fuel the economy.

1000+ workers have earned a paycheck working on an Enhabit project.


We provide jobs and training for women, people of color and veterans, which in turn promotes equity and increased access to opportunity.

55% of hours are worked by women and people of color

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